Program Management

When Failure Isn’t an Option

Excellent program management drive productivity, market share and shareholder value and help you to meet increasing customer demands in the marketplace. Yet being able to manage your projects within constraints such as time, resources and cost is not easy. You need to be able to accurately identify the customer requirements and translate these into business requirements. Herein lies the problem; without the use of consistent project management processes, tools and templates as a project manager you will not be able to successfully meet customer requirements and risk of project failure is high. You are not alone. In fact, both our research as well as research of other consulting organizations demonstrates that project failure is a problem for most organizations.

In enterprise organizations, the development and implementation of a new program is a high stakes venture. Although program initiatives enable access to important opportunities, the risks can be intimidating. Time, budget spend, organizational focus—it all adds up and creates a scenario in which careful and thoughtful organizational leadership is critical to program success.

At Oneserve Group, we know that complex projects require sophisticated and experienced program management. Whether you’re building a new Project/Program Management Office from the ground up or optimizing an existing PMO, our program management consulting philosophy is grounded in our belief that critical programs require oversight that achieves the right balance between strategic and tactical planning. We work tirelessly to mitigate your risk, create cross-functional alignment, clearly communicate expectations, and ensure that your organization achieves key outcomes and program benchmarks

At Oneserve, we subscribe to the idea that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” To address the complexity of multiple advanced programs, we work with your organization to create a Program Management Office and provide consulting that delivers real results, supported by the development of management scorecards that enable business transformation by quantifying the outcomes of your organization’s most important programs and projects.

Oneserve Program Management consulting offers end-to-end management designed to address the risks and complexities of key programs and projects. From project planning and resource allocation to financial management and results tracking, the oneserve team delivers best-in-class services that target the management of strategic issues and program risk.

Global Experience & Knowledge for Project Management Best Practices

Our project team have worked with large, complex, inter-continental projects as well as small, single location projects. Through our wide project management research, we have knowledge of best practices and have worked with our clients to implement them. And we’ve also worked with teams in different countries around the world. This diverse range of experiences provides you with the comfort that we can quickly understand your situation.

Project Management Offices

If you need help to set-up and sustain a Project Management Office (PMO) so that it delivers a clear return on investment for the organization, we can help you. Our guidance will help you determine the cultural change you require to create a project management environment that will be supportive of both the PMO and meets international standards. This will ensure that everyone in your organization is consistently applying sound project management