Document Management Solutions

Your Document Management Should Fit your Business, not the other Way Around.

Securing and organizing your sensitive information is no easy task – particularly in light of increasing complexity, more demanding compliance and pressure to reduce costs.

With constant change in today’s business world. There are always new opportunities to automate and streamline business processes.

Document management solutions goes a long way to improving business efficiency.

Oneserve takes the time to understand your business and design the right processes and policies to support your document and information management.

We’re focused on your goals. That’s why we tailor custom document solution based on your organization’s specific needs and we want to provide you with the utmost in management services for your documents.

Take The Shortest Path to Document Management Success

Gain Confidence

We help business get more out of document management software every day. We’ve seen it all and we know the best ways to leverage document management solutions. So trust our expertise and rest assure that you’re going down the right path.

Meet Business Goals

Your business goals are constantly changing. But we can help you get a handle on them. If you’re about to procure a document management software, we’ll help you find the best areas to leverage it first. If you’ve been using it for years, we’ll help you take greater advantage of it.

Get Value, Find Return on Investment

Maximizing your use of the document management software will help you improve return-on- investment time and time again. Take the quickest path to ROI with insight from our expertise.

How We Do It

We engage your key personnel’s in a workshop where we listen and understand your current practices. We then use this information gathered to design the best solution for you. Solutions can come in many forms, for example:


Assistance with your file management audits, whereby we place staff onsite to discover and implement the best practice records management


A robust Records Management Policy that is fit for purpose in your organization


Newly designed processes to help streamline manual paper-based bottlenecks in your organization e.g Customer on-boarding, registrations, financial administration or HR Records.


Producing a Retention Schedule based on record classifications

Streamlined business processes, saving time money

Compliance with Data Protection Regulation/Company Law/Freedom of Information

Structured Records Management System, making information easy to find

Safe solution for protecting company information for the long-term